• Ruth Ashbee

Work with me! Recruiting for Trust Subject Lead in MFL

This is an exciting time for the Woodard Academies Trust. We are committed to ambitious curriculum for all students regardless of background, evidence-informed practice, and elevating the professional status of teachers. We passionately value subject specialism and specialist CPD, and to this end we are now recruiting for a Trust Subject Leader in MFL.

This role is 2 days a week, with the option of another 2 to 3 days per week as an exceptional teacher in one of our academies. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a research-informed, highly effective practitioner and leader to make a huge difference to the experience of MFL education, outcomes and life chances for students across the country.

I will be joining the trust in a few months’ time as Trust Lead for Curriculum and CPD, and I can’t wait to begin working on these key areas with a trust that shares my vision and dedication to a brilliant education for all.

If you believe that excellence in MFL education should be the entitlement of every child, if you are committed to using research-informed approaches, to highly effective staff training and ambitious curriculum, and you want the chance to have a real impact with a trust that is aligned with your approach, then this could be the perfect job for you. Find out more and apply at https://www.woodardacademies.co.uk/794/trust-subject-leaders-maths-english-science-amp-mfl

Closing date for applications is 10am on Monday 26th April 2021

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